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The company’s main activity is international transportation. The past 25 years guarantee our work!


Both small and bigger companies can be found among our references. Everyone can enter into partnership with us!

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Mr. Ákos Tomsich, entrepreneur, and Ákos Transport Ltd.

It is a special feature in Hungary that a company has been working successfullí for 30 years as a family business whit unchanged structured and ownership backgrounds. When on July 1th. 1987 Ákos Tomsich started his own business with a ZUK type truck, he did not think he will later become a carrier with high quality work on the market! The elapsed time provided an opportunity to get to know the profession. The fair and honest market behaviour is the key of success for decades. This way he could foster a good reputation for customer satisfaction. This does not prove any better than the fact than from the beginning we have customers which still up to date ship their freight with us.


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